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This website is an UNOFFICIAL activity of the 107th Engineer Association and is not endorsed by any government or military entity.

If you agree to use this website for your own personal use and in no way bring discredit or dishonor to the Association or our supported units and organizations, then please enter and enjoy our heritage.

If your intentions are not in keeping with the highest values of military service, please EXIT now.

Good As Done!

***The 58th annual 107th Engineer Association reunion
 will be held 9-10 August 2019 at the Calumet Armory.
(10 Sep 18)

Our hosts will be 1431st Engineer Company,
107th Engineer Battalion.***

(Heads-up:  the 2020 reunion may be at the Traverse City Armory, home of the 1430th Engineer Company formerly stationed in Gladstone.)

Bull Sheet #63, April 2019 is posted.  Follow this link to read it.
**7 Apr 19**

****I'm always looking for e-mail addresses of former and current U.P. Guard members and/or anyone who served with the 107th no matter where you live.  Use the e-mail address below to keep me updated.  Thanks.****

****The link shown at the top of the page to contact the Association doesn't always work.  Use this e-mail address as an alternate Secretary.107thengineers@gmail.com ****

****Because of changing website technology and editing software, we must redo our website.  This website was built over 20 years ago by SFC(ret) Ross Stevens, 1431st Engineer Company.  He did a great job.  Because of the increasing difficulty in updating the site, we have to upgrade to newer software.  At the business meeting during the 2018 reunion this past weekend, the membership approved the funding for the update.  That means that in the next 6 months or so, you will see significant changes to the website.  At times some of the information that you may be looking for will NOT be unavailable. 

Bear with us and the new website should be just as good as the current one.  Good As Done!****
(10 Sep 18)

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This site is always under construction. Information and updates are always being added.  Some of the links will not be active.


This is an unofficial web site to promote and preserve the history and esprit de corps of the 107th/254th Engineers.
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