This page contains newsletters and pictures sent from the 107th HSC & FSC units deployed in Iraq.



SSG John Van Brocklin preparing himself for a counseling session with CW5 Joe Floriano.


It does snow in Iraq!!!



25 Nov 2007 - Red Cross flag raised above 107th EN BAS.

This 107th BAS flag is the first to be flown over hostile territory since the Battalion saw combat during WWII, European Theater of Operation.


SSG Van Brocklin proudly presents the first (and last) annual volleyball trophy to the FSC/1138th maintenance team, comprised of (L to R) SPC Pelkola, SPC Lister, SPC Boogren (FSC) and SGT Weiss, SGT McFerron (1138th).


107th Engineer Battalion guidon flying high in front of the
Battalion TOC at Camp Liberty


The "Peanut Butter Club."  L-R  CPT McNeill, SFC Cleary, SFC Nora


The following 7 pictures were taken at the Al Faw Palace in Bagdad.  It is one of the many palaces built and used by Saddam and is now a facility for the US Forces.  There was a celebration of the 371st birthday of the National Guard held at the palace.  About 40 Soldiers from HSC & FSC were able to attend.
SGT Jannausch

SFC Nora & the Palace Christmas Tree

SFC Cleary in front of the American Flag inside the palace


SFC Nora looking out from the palace, he was overheard shouting “I am Master of all I survey!”

SFC Nora (again) posing on one of the palace balconies.

Ad Board for the Birthday Party

CPT Nemetz in one of Saddam’s favorite chairs, which is now CPT Nemetz’s 2nd favorite, after the La-Z-Boy in his CHU.


These Pictures were sent in November 2007
SFC “Chopper” Bob Nault prior to the Battalion Patching Ceremony. 

Chief Floriano smiling.  SFC Nora reminding him that he is in Iraq.  Chief was found shortly afterwards crying, saying “I volunteered for what?!”

CPT McNeill, 1SG Touchinski, LT Roberts, & SSG Peterson prior to the patching ceremony.  Notice the smiles on the others faces, while CPT McNeill grins sheepishly.  He had just passed gas.  8 seconds later, the others were seen gagging behind the barriers.
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